Our Acclaimed & Accredited Workshops

Each and every workshop we conduct is specially customised to meet the specific requirement of students, and to keep them up-to-par with the latest progress and developments taking place in the field of education. Costa D’ Amalfi offers an extensive selection of workshops and continuously works to innovate and develop new programmes in line with the ever evolving educational landscape and growing demands of students.

The following is a brief description of one of our more popular workshops - CMA Abacus Mental Arithmetic Course:



Costa D Amalfi SDN BHD in close collaborations with CMA, has provides one of the most comprehensive Abacus Mental Arithmetic Teacher's Training Programme worldwide. CMA has developed a structured curriculum to provide intensive training for teachers. This programme is designed to equip teachers-to-be and adult learners with the knowledge of abacus training and lesson plans to conduct classes and to run the full course efficiently. The teaching modules include:

• Skills on Abacus Arithmetic and Mental Arithmetic Two-hand System

• Philosophy and Practicum

• Understanding Teaching Materials

At the end of the course, trainees will sit for an assessment upon which a CMA Trainer Certificate will be awarded to those who pass both the theory and practical training.

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