Our Acclaimed & Accredited Workshops

Each and every workshop we conduct is specially customised to meet the specific requirement of students, and to keep them up-to-par with the latest progress and developments taking place in the field of education. Costa D’ Amalfi offers an extensive selection of workshops and continuously works to innovate and develop new programmes in line with the ever evolving educational landscape and growing demands of students.

The following is a brief description of one of our more popular workshops - ENGLISH LANGUAGE WORKSHOP:



Our English programmes cover grammar, vocabulary and speech, where students will get to test their command of the English language through drama, public speaking, debates and other related activities. We believe that learning English should be fun, motivating, and enjoyable. The activities that we offer are tailored to expose students to the fun side of learning English, while they gain the confidence to speak and write better in school and the real world. Each workshop covers different aspects involved in mastering the English language to enhance students’ communication and writing skills.

In this workshop students will learn to:

• Be better prepared for school exams

• Build on social skills

• Work on engaging tasks such as drama, group presentations and Internet projects

• Improve reading and writing skills

• Use technology to learn English

• Improve critical thinking skills

• Learn grammar and vocabulary in a fun way.

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