Our Acclaimed & Accredited Workshops

Each and every workshop we conduct is specially customised to meet the specific requirement of students, and to keep them up-to-par with the latest progress and developments taking place in the field of education. Costa D’ Amalfi offers an extensive selection of workshops and continuously works to innovate and develop new programmes in line with the ever evolving educational landscape and growing demands of students.

The following is a brief description of one of our more popular workshops - ROBOTICS IMMERSION WORKSHOP:



The field of Robotics is an increasingly important component within the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education system. Teachers realize the power of this hands-on technology in engaging and motivating students to learn STEM concepts while equipping them with the real-world knowledge and 21st century skills required to be successful in today’s global society.

Robotics is a constant opportunity to solve problems. The combination of engineering and software problems and solutions creates a dynamic environment that helps participants develop problem-solving skills that involve math, engineering, physics, and logic as they work toward tangible goals.

The goal of this workshop is to help educators discover how to apply LEGO® Education, Humanoid Robot NAO and BIOLOID resources to meet relevant curriculum objectives.

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