Our Acclaimed & Accredited Workshops

Each and every workshop we conduct is specially customised to meet the specific requirement of students, and to keep them up-to-par with the latest progress and developments taking place in the field of education. Costa D’ Amalfi offers an extensive selection of workshops and continuously works to innovate and develop new programmes in line with the ever evolving educational landscape and growing demands of students.

The following is a brief description of one of our more popular workshops - SCIENCE WORKSHOPS:



We recognize that most students find science subjects to be rather dry. As such, our programmes are developed with a holistic approach to promote active learning that is inquiry based with ICT integration. This creates a learning platform which facilitates creative thinking and practical applications of concepts through thematic case scenarios. Students therefore gain life related skills such as strategic reasoning, insightfulness, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving.

Our science workshops are ideally designed around interesting themes to facilitate a holistic approach to learning. We believe in the role of the student as the enquirer and the teacher as the leader of the enquirer. Each workshop incorporates hands-on experiments to illustrate the concept and application of the theory behind the concept.

Workshops are conducted by qualified teachers teaching at international schools or universities. Advanced concepts in science have been simplified to the appropriate level for the students. We organise a mix of different science subjects daily to maintain students’ interest at optimal levels.

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